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David Moore

Hi Brandon,
This is awesome. You have really got my interest, because I use to use Gmail on the web site by using basic HTML. This is how I did all of my email. I had to use all the HTML navigation tricks, though. I never knew there were key commands you can use right in the Gmail web site like ctrl + enter to send the message. I hope it was okay, I clicked on the link and listened to your tutorial. I did not realize that the standard view is better. I also did not realize that you should be in edit mode. I have been using Windows Live Mail to speed up working with a lot of emails, but from what I heard from you, I am going to try using the Gmail website again by doing it your way. Could you send me any more information about using the Gmail website? Also, I use NVDA and JAWS. If I turned off the virtual cursor in JAWS, would it work the same way as being in edit mode with NVDA? That would be interesting to know, and I will try it out right now. My email is:

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Tutorial on using the Gmail Web View with NVDA
Hi Brandon
Due to the request of making an mp3 version of this, I'd like to contribute by downloading your file and do a little modification then share to community. If you think this useful, please give featback. I'll tell what will I do for the audio, and you could send me your request. Do this just for my hobby.
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Subject: [nvda] Tutorial on using the Gmail Web View with NVDA
I made a tutorial on how to use the gmail web view with NVDA:

The instructions are also in the description.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I use the gmail web view for all my email.

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