Re: windows app essentials 16.03


You should contact our fearless leader Joseph Lee! He is the one who is developing all sorts of goodies for Windows 10.
The more feedback you can provide to him such as the NVDA log file will better help to resolve these issues.
Joseph has been working real hard to fill in the missing pieces in Windows 10 and NVDA!
Hope this helps?

On 2/29/2016 2:11 AM, Chris wrote:

i recently updated the windows ten app essentials nvda add-on to v16.03 and since then cortana feeds back which i can only explain as gobble-de-gook she can here me but nva constanly feeds back theis garbled sounds

Ive to uninstall the addon as its tooo annoying otherwise, if anyone has a solution or an older version of windows ten app essentials they can send me i would be very grateful

many thnaks


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