Re: Windows 10: Firefox 59 Unusable with NVDA

John Isige

Oh, here's how I opened the link. I went to the brochures page, got down
to the brochures, highlighted a link, November 2014 or whatever with the
arrow keys, and pressed enter, specifically enter on the main keyboard.
I didn't touch the number pad in any of this. It didn't show up as being
in tables for me, but I have include layout tables unchecked.

On 4/24/2018 11:54, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:


I am using Firefox 59.0 64 bit in Windows 10 with latest NVDA.

When I use Firefox, I cannot open some links. If you try the web site <> you will find that Firefox
opens the links to the associated pages on the web site but not to the
attached .PDF files. For example, open “Brochures Page”. When this
page opens you will see that it is laid out in sets of HTML tables
containing a link to a .pdf brochure in each cell of the table. The
brochure files are held on the website.

When I press tab to get to any of these links, NVDA echoes that I am
on the link and numpad  5 confirms this. I press space bar to open it.
This has always worked up to last month but Now, all that happens is
that Firefox opens a new tab with nothing in it!

I tried using JAWS to see if this was a problem for NVDA alone but
JAWS was also unable to open the link so, I think it is a Firefox problem.

Does NVDA have another means of opening a link besides the space bar,
the application key, numpad * or numpad enter, …  All of these do nothing!

Would you try the link <> and
see if you are having the same trouble?

All the best,


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