Re: Cannot read PDF documents with NVDA


I have occasionally had issues with both "pure image" PDFs that are images of text, just like anyone does, and also some OCR-ed stuff where the OCR was less than robust.

I have taught my clients to get around this by using a now discontinued, but still downloadable, product from Tracker Software in Canada called PDF XChange Viewer.  It is not generally accessible on the whole as a substitute for Adobe Reader, but what's necessary to OCR a document and save it is.  It uses a menu driven system that's like any other typical Windows program as far as the file menu goes, so all you have to do is open the file, run the OCR process, then save it afterward to keep the newly generated text layer.  The command to OCR a file is CTRL+SHIFT+C once the file is open.  The default settings give awfully good accuracy.  It also supports a number of languages besides English, but you have to download some of the more unusual ones if you want those.  I downloaded Swedish a couple of months ago when trying to help someone out.


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