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Hi is this the same equalence that you can purchase from At guys or is this A different one?

On 4/25/2018 9:47 AM, Kelly Sapergia wrote:

If you like Eloquence, I recommend the SAPI 5 version from Code Factory. I
also tried the latest update to their Eloquence and Vocalizer addon, and
while Eloquence sounds considerably better than it did when the addon was
first released, I noticed that sometimes pressing Control wouldn't silence
speech until I pressed one of the arrow keys to move to a different line,
message, etc. I say this because this issue has occurred (for me anyway) in
Outlook's message view, the desktop, and even when reading a webpage. From
what I can tell, it seems to be random, but after I've pressed an arrow key,
the Control key would work great again. It even occurs with the addon's
Vocalizer voices.
I haven't noticed this issue at all with the SAPI 5 version of Eloquence, so
that was the deciding factor for me in my purchase.
I also have both the Vocalizer voices addon from Tiflotecnia, though the
newest voices aren't currently available for it, and the Acapela voices

Hope this helps.

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