Re: SPL Studio and WintenApps 18.05 released #addonrelease

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hi Josef,

I like the announcement of the virtual desktop number. Works great for me when switching and deleting a virtual desktop.

For those not knowing how to work with virtual desktops in Win10:

Control-windows-rightt-arrow – creates a new virtual desktop or switches to an existing one

Control-windows-left-arrow / right arrow – switches between virtual desktops

Control-windows-F4 – closes the current virtual desktop




From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: Donnerstag, 26. April 2018 18:02
Subject: [nvda] SPL Studio and WintenApps 18.05 released #AddonRelease


Hi all,


Version 18.05 of the following add-ons are now available:



This release introduces Playlist Transcripts, a feature to let you take a snapshot of the loaded playlist and view it in numerous formats. Eventually this feature will let you copy information to the clipboard and/or files. Version 18.05 also introduces partial playlist snapshots so you can take snapshots of part of a playlist.



The biggest change is ability to announce virtual desktop ID (the current virtual desktop you are on or switching to) when you open, close, or switch between virtual desktops. If this feature is working well for everyone, I’ll send an official pull request to NV Access so it can be integrated as early as NVDA 2018.3.


In case you didn’t know: these two add-ons are part of a group of add-ons that offer automatic add-on update feature. This means you don’t have to click on the links above and download the add-on – you just check for add-on updates from NVDA itself (via facilities provided by add-ons).


Enjoy the new add-on releases.




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