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As an aside, I was appalled the other day when a friend told me he was using office 2010, and the supplier of the most expensive screenreader in the UK told him, sorry we no longer support any version of office except 365. I know what Id have told the guy if it were me..
I'll not name the company but lets just say its named after a couple of common senses people have but we lack one of.

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Hi there,

Yes, there are commands for all of those things.  I would suggest the "Microsoft Word with NVDA" training material as a good resource to learn not only those functions but many more:

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Dear all listers. 
I'm teaching writing skill, and students send me word document in .docx, I open it with MS Word 2010. I don't know much about using some function. So, I've questions. 
1. Are there any shortcut to do following things? 
- switching between comment or footnote frame and the main document. 
- Turning on and off track changes / editor revision. 
2. How to comment and giving footnote to spesific part of document for example a sentence or a phrase? 
Thank you. 

Quentin Christensen
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