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David Griffith

Normally with Drive snapshot  there is no need for a talking environment.

When I have used Drive Snapshot in the past it simply works from withing Windows.

Basically you back up your image withing windows.

Then to restore your image you again from within Windows select the drive you want to restore to and then Windows will reboot and Drive napshot will restore the image you have selected and then reboot into that image of windows automatically.

So really it is just a case of waiting for NVDA to start up with the login prompt to alert you that the restore image process has completed.

Of course if you have a catastrophic  failure and cannot get  into any version of windows there is a problem.

The developers provide a CD rom image for booting if necessary and they did provide me with a set of instructions of what to type to restore an image – it was not that complicated but there is no talking feedback.

Personally I resigned myself to seeking sighted help if this was a problem.

David Griffith





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From: The Wolf
Sent: 27 April 2018 19:54
Subject: Re: [nvda] Imaging software accessible with NVDA


how do you use drivesnap shots pe invirement?


the only blind friendly pe invirement is the talking windows ones does

drive snapshot has a talking pe?




On 4/27/2018 4:02 AM, Aman Singer wrote:

> Hi,

>             Drive Snapshot works well, and is accessible both from Windows and

> from the various PE environments


> HTH,

> Aman

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> Wocher

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> Subject: [nvda] Imaging software accessible with NVDA

> Hello all,

> I am getting ready to replace the hard drive onan older laptop with an SSD.

> What imaging software is accessible with NVDA so I can move the OS from the

> old hard drive to the new one?

> Regards,

> Greg Wocher




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