Re: what can i do please help

P. Otter

i've tryed both, desktop and laptop.
with the same result... nothing at all.
paul otter

Op 28-4-2018 om 18:55 schreef Chris Mullins:

Hi Paul
You have not said what keyboard layout and NVDA modifiers are selected in the NVDA keyboard layout screen (NVDA+Control+k)


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hello, i wrote already, i have connected a numberic keypad on the usb.
when i press numlock off, the digits are perfectly written.
when i press numlock on, the only thing i can do is left and right mouse
click, and that's it.
the numberic keys i cann't use for navigation around the screen.
perhaps i have bought the wrong one.
if that is the case, tell me what keypad i need if you know.
because it is a very nice and quick laptop i want to do anything to get
it work with nvda.
thanks in advance
paul otter

Op 28-4-2018 om 10:28 schreef Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io:
Use the laptop layout or buy a numeric keypad?
Have we not had this issue before. its precisely why if I get a new
laptop not only do I want the function keys to be defaulted to
function keys, but I want a keypad as well.
I have an old dell without one and got so peed off I eventually
plugged in a keyboard.

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hello all,
i've a problem with my laptop.
it is a dell inspiron 14Z5423.
it is very quick, and nvda is installed and works properly.
most of the time on laptops you can press and hold the fn key to
navigate around the screen with nvda.
but not here. the fn key works here only for the F-keys to change
sound, screen, etc with fn key is pressed.
what i want is to use j k l, u i o etc to navigate around the screen
with nvda.
there is also no numlock key.

i've tryed it with an sweex number pad.
the digits are working correct with numlock off.
but when i've pressed numlock on, the only thing i can do is a left
mouse click and a right mouse click.
but the digits are not used as nvda navigate keys.

so the laptop is very nice and quick. what can i do now?
is there a way to solve this problem?
i'm very glad if there is a solution for me.
thanks in advance!
paul otter

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