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On the Yoga2pro it has some enhancements that cause it to crackle a bit, so I turn it off by using the disable all enhancements checkbox in the stock windows sound thing. It doesn't make audiodg.exe use lots of cpu the same way the dell's seem to.

Not sure if that may have been changed since then.

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On 4/26/2018 11:54 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well all my units have been 15.6-17 inch, I wouldn't be going bigger than 15.6, sure if a 13 supported duel drives sure but well hmmm.

That is a concern if the apps on the lenovo are not as accessible as one would like though realistically all I would need would be the units serial number or whatever service number I need to update the thing.

I know dell does allow autodetection of the units as does hp.

Something betwene a gaming which is huge and heavy to a smaller unit, anything from 1.8 through 2.6 which is about what I have now in weight is fine.

I plan to do all my work, gaming, and entertainment on the unit I choose so it needs a bit of everything.

What are the sound effects and enhancements like on the lenovo.

The keyboard does give me some pause I can deal with a few things but if I have to swap the board about with keys if I ever need to use the unit without my external board, well it depends what is where.

On 4/27/2018 9:41 AM, valiant8086 wrote:

At least on my Yoga2pro, the bloat is mostly in the form of small uwp apps, nonobtrusive. Some of them are useful, and not all that screen reader friendly, like Lenovo Software Update, which maintains the drivers and such. Lenovo uses the function key row for action keys by default you have to change it. FN escape will toggle it, but that may be temporary. A permanent fix that sticks across reboots may arive if you update the bios and hit fn+escape again, or if that still doesn't work, just using sighted assistance and turning the media keys into function keys directly in the bios will work. Sometimes keys aren't where they ought to be. Lenovo Yoga920 for instance, Yoga720, don't have context keys at least not in the proper place between right alt and right control. Keys will need remapping to get them to do things one is used to like for instance if the insert key is in the wrong place, may be able to remap it with what ever is to the left of delete, possibly print screen. I've got 30000 hours of runtime on my Yoga2pro with some button swaps applied and all is well. The keyboard is physically at end of life, but my print screen or what ever it is has happily been function as an insert key for all these years with no trouble.

You might need USB type A ports, so ensure that you're going to be getting those and won't be left with only USB c and thunderbolt ports, that's common now.

Do you want a little ultrabook or would a slightly fatter laptop with just a 13 inch screen work or what.

As far as I can tell currently in terms of hardware performance Yoga's winner in the ultrabook field is Thinkpad t480s, and there's a small chance I'll be buying one soon. If you have a model you're interested in and want to geek out with benchmarks, hardware reviews and such try googling something like this dell xps13 2 in 1 Lenovo T480s

and of course, availability is a factor. I would guess that Lenovo and Asus both would be available in some form or another.


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On 4/25/2018 4:25 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
AAh ok, is any of that extra lenovo stuff any good though.

For example, on my old toshiba I kept all of the extras mostly till it exited support then cannd it all because it was not of use.

On the hp I had bar office mcafee and some games I kept most of it as I used the support hub a lot and it had some use.

After all the issues with the cyberlink stuff and my dvd drive on another system weather I keep that on on my new box would be a different matter I'd probably keep it but not use it.

As for lenovo, I think I would look at it first and see if it was any used to me before I killed it all and at least looked what use it had.

Some of it I'd probably get rid of though.

Not everything is bloat if you have a use for it.

On 4/26/2018 12:52 AM, kelby carlson wrote:
I've had pretty decent luck with my Lenovo, though there will be some bloatware that comes with the PC you'll want to get rid of. (Basically anything in the programs list that starts with Lenovo can be uninstalled safely.) I've had mine for a year and it generally runs quite fast.
On Apr 25, 2018, at 4:25 AM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

aah ok.

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You probably need to talk to Jonathan Mosen then, he lives in NZ and has just been through a laptop purchase for his blind wife.

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As my toshiba is getting quite old I will be getting another laptop.
What should I avoid, what should I go for.
I have used asus boards and find them stable enough.
I have used an hp my aunt has and while there are enhancements to manage its stable enough.
People say stay away from dell because of its sound effects thingy and other things, and well lenovo aparently is quite good though never investigated that one.
Note, anything suggested must be able to be gotten in new zealand or at least have me have a shot at getting.
It will have win10 to.

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