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Hmm, I'd be rather intrigued to know why this happens. Not seen it here I have to say.
I'd be tempted to subscribe the new one and test it for a while then unsub the old one if it works in all the lists you have reliably. More and more I think email is suffering due to attempts to trap spam and phishing emails, and a lot of the problems we see are companies trying to achieve this end. They dare not publicise what they are doing as this will give the spammers a heads up to how to get around it.
As you may be aware, recently some spammers have been forging legitimate Google headers to get past anti spam measures. In some cases the spam has come in to a users sent folder, as if they themselves have sent it.
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Hi, everyone,

I've been having some problems with my gmail account. On some email lists,
I'll try to write a message. Later I get a message back saying that my
message is undeliverable. I created an outlook account today with the help
of the Microsoft disability line. Do I unsub this address first before going
to the new one?

Thanks in advance.


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