Re: How to update a portable version of nvda?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

hi Angela

which version of NVDA are you using at present? do you have both a
installer version as your main screen reader and also a back up which is
a portable version wheather it is on your hard drive or on a usb stick?

Before nvda 2018.2 you have to do it the old way unless you are using a
master snapshot.

What i mean by this if your portable version is say in a directory
called nvda portable on the C: drive with a shortcut to the desk top to
start it when it was started and then you went to the help then check
for check for update. It would then go up to the server then you would
download it to your computer. You would then locate the file click on it
then when it started up go to the portable part of it then aim it to
wards the area where your portable version was to update it and it would
install over the top.

if you are using a master snap shot  or next but i use master snap shots
it can now when you check for a update  it will download it to your
directory what ever it may be named and then either post pone the update
or install it straight away to those directorys what ever they are called.

I do have a audio tutorial and a written one going up shortly to tthe
web site so you know what i mean. I can post the audio one so you can
hear it but will be posted alogn with written stuff tomorrow night

the audio one can be found at

I have not done it on the installer version as i am only using the
stable version but guess it will work on a installer version that is a
master snap shot as well along with the portables.

Gene nz

On 4/29/2018 8:04 PM, Angela Delicata wrote:

Sorry for the stupid question, but I am using nvda as my only screen
reader since last november.

So, if Ii want to update a portable version of nvda, can I do it
avoiding to install the software again  on my PC? This is because I
already have it there.

Hope my question does make sense to you.

Thanks in advance.

Angela from Italy

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