NVDA Confuguration profiles and heading setting in google sheets

UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu

I have two questions:
First of all,, for sometime,  I have been realizing that my computer is very slow on swiching between programs for example between word and firefox. Today I realized that it is due to different confuguration profiles I use for those programs. When I deleted them, problem was gon. The problem is that I love the confuguration feature of NVDA. Usually I use different rates of speach and document viewing options for different programs. is there any way to customize NVDA for different programs without problem swiching between them?
Secondly, I have asked about setting headings in google sheets fiew days ago. I guess noone knows about it or didn't see the message so I'm asking it second time: we can sett row and collemn headings in excel with ctr+shift+r or c, can we do the same in google sheets? 
Best regards

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