the subject of laptop specs



I have not wayed in on the descussion on laptops of what they should do.

I have always liked to run music on my systems especially when on the road and offline.

A nice unit with either a large internal drive or extras maybe a duel drive is what I like.

However with the way of streaming services I know friends that run everything off their phones and get away with a 256gb or 128gb drive thats not for me I do have externals but its still not for me.

As for running a 32 or 16gb drive on a low end unit.

I have cousins and friends that are students either at school or university.

Just about everything is cloud based either on google docs or an office cloud subscription.

There is no reason or even need if you have the right stuff set for you to ever load anything on your computer bar what you need.

There is a lower side well a down side which is why small units are not for me.

Go offline or loose power or net access and well you have a problem.

I have been there however with the rising of low end units a lot of the near tablets have mobile cell network support out of the box.

My uncle who works in a large company while he does some stuff on his laptop does a lot on the cloud and can't afford to be away from the net.

He has a mobile data card and this works well for him so there are many ways.

I would personally not do that however.

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