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P. Otter

unfortunately no!
when nummlock is off, there are changes the 7 is home, the 4 is left arow, 1 is end etc!
no difference if fn key is pressed or not.
i realy don't know what to do now.
on the keyboard the letter k keeps k with fn key pressed or not.
paul otter

Op 30-4-2018 om 16:23 schreef Ralf Kefferpuetz:

When you are using an external USB numpad you have to switch to desktop keyboard in the NVDA keyboard settings. I assume your numpad will then work as expected when numlock is turned off.





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hello, yes i've already done, that was the first thing i did!
but when i put numlock on, there the arrow keys on 8 2 4 and 6.
i've nothing to do with it.
what i want is the navigation keys for nvda.
most laptops or some laptops are made while you press the fn key you can use the letter keys on the right hand to navigate with nvda.
but not with my dell laptop.
i'm wondering if there is a little tool that when i press the fn key i can use the letters on the right hand.
if so, i'm realy glad with it!
what they toled about the arrow keys will not work to navigate for nvda, with or without the fn key pressed.
paul otter

Op 29-4-2018 om 21:01 schreef Chris Mullins:


Have you tried using the numpad with NVDA input help switched on?  It would be interesting to know what keystrokes it is generating.





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Those aren't screen review commands.  Those are commands to move and read information on a screen such as in a word processing program where a cursor is present.  Such commands are Windows commands and will work regardless of screen-reader being used and regardless of keyboard layout. If a sighted person uses such commands with no screen-reader being used, the sighted person will move the cursor in the same ways, right and left arrow, by character, control right and left arrow, by word., etc. 



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Hi Paul,

If you are using NVDA with the laptop layout on a Dell computer, you can navigate the screen with the arrow keys. I have never used the FN key with letters to do this. In fact, an NVDA modifier is not necessary.
Left or Right Arrows read the screen letter by letter.
Add Control to the left and right arrow keys and read the screen word by word.
Up or Down arrows read the screen line by line.
FN + Left Arrow is Home.
FN + Right Arrow is End.
FN + Up Arrow is Page Up.
FN + Down Arrow is Page Down.
Add Control to the Home or End commands above to move to the top or the bottom of the screen.
And finally, add Shift to the above commands to select text.

I've used these commands on Asus, Toshiba, Dell, and Lenovo laptops.

Each of these computers differ on how to make the Function Keys work without using the FN key. Look on line or read your manual to learn how to do it.

Hope this helps.

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i've done already, but the problem is that i can not navigate around the screen like i do with the numberic key block on my computer.
all the other things are possible i know there are some laptops where you can press the fn key while typing the letters jkl uio and 789 to manipulate the screen.
but it's a pitty, not here unfortunately!
  cheers paul otter

Op 28-4-2018 om 17:25 schreef George McCoy:
> I wound up with a laptop that did the same kind of thing.  I switched
> NVDA to the laptop keyboard layout and, after a short learning period,
> I was able to do everything I did before.  So you might want to try
> out the laptop layout and see what happens.
> Best of luck,
> George
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> hello all,
> i've a problem with my laptop.
> it is a dell inspiron 14Z5423.
> it is very quick, and nvda is installed and works properly.
> most of the time on laptops you can press and hold the fn key to
> navigate around the screen with nvda.
> but not here. the fn key works here only for the F-keys to change
> sound, screen, etc with fn key is pressed.
> what i want is to use j k l, u i o etc to navigate around the screen
> with nvda.
> there is also no numlock key.
> i've tryed it with an sweex number pad.
> the digits are working correct with numlock off.
> but when i've pressed numlock on, the only thing i can do is a left
> mouse click and a right mouse click.
> but the digits are not used as nvda navigate keys.
> so the laptop is very nice and quick. what can i do now?
> is there a way to solve this problem?
> i'm very glad if there is a solution for me.
> thanks in advance!
> paul otter
> .


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