Re: An omission in the NVDA interface and it's not standard


If it is unlikely, is there some way new users should be alerted to look at the documentation for such commands?  Perhaps some sort of information should be included in the dialog that comes up when the program is run or maybe there is a different way.  I didn't know about such commands for quite awhile.  I learned how to use the menu in the documentation and I didn't check farther because I had no reason to think there was anything to look for.  I wonder how many people, such as I, who have a lot of experience with Windows programs assume that no such commands exist because they expect to see them somehow shown in the interface.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] An omission in the NVDA interface and it's not standard


A few years ago there was a huge debate on the development channel regarding how we can do this. But, as of today, it is highly unlikely that it can be done due to vast paradigm shift that has just occurred on settings dialogs.




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Subject: [nvda] An omission in the NVDA interface and it's not standard


Every so often, when I look through the NVDA menu, I wonder why accelerator commands aren't given.  these are usually commands such as control and a character such as a letter or a number.  NVDA has lots of these commands, usually being combinations of control NVDA key and a character such as a letter or number.  The synthesizer dialog, for example, opens with NVDA key control s.  The voice settings dialog opens with control NVDA key v.  Why are none of these commands voiced when moving through the NVDA menu?  This is an important way for those who know enough about Windows basics to know what they mean to be made aware of such commands or to quickly review them without the cumbersome need to look in documentation.  It also is standard for menus to voice accelerator commands. 



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