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Hi David

I wonder if it is the same idea as is it more like a online
email client? that will let you get emails from other email addresses
like g mail and so on?

I know in there is like a pain you can set when you go to
read the email. It when opened could go below the message above the
message or like on another page. if it was set for below after you
pressed enter on the email then it was a matter of using the say all
command. If it was set like off to the side then I would use the table
command to locate it. But say after you read the email if i remember
right I had to use the alt key and the left arrow key to go back to
where teh messages were, then go to the next one. When I done replies
as well to a message I am sure this could also be set to reply above the
message or below it as well under the settings part.

I guess I will know if I setup a account just to see the steps required
and what has to be done once i locate my details to setup a account.

At present I am using mozilla thunderbird and I like it so the other
would be a look and see what you have to do.

Gene nz

On 10-May-16 8:53 AM, David Moore wrote:
Hi Gene,
I will do the tutorial with NVDA, because of what you have to do to
read the message. Everything works great with NVDA except to read the
message LOL! I am still working with it to find a consistent way to do
this. Thanks for asking, Gene, Take care.

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Hi david

Will you be using the nvda screen reader for the audio tutorial? so we
can hear what problems that we might have and how to get arond them? or
the other one?

I was just reading through the stuff from the drop box account to do
with the email client it sounds almost the same as out look.ocm in a
way. I might even have a look and set up a account with nvda to see what
has to be done when I get some free time.

Gene nz

On 09-May-16 4:31 PM, David Moore wrote:
Hi Rosemarie,
I just sent out to the list everything you have to know about using
the win10 mail and calendar apps. I will do a audio tutorial for you
and everyone else. In the next couple of days, I will do that audio
tutorial. Wow, this is so exciting. I just started to mess around with
the win10 mail app, and now, I am ready to do an audio tutorial. Look
for the message I just sent to the entire list with many articles that
take you step by step through different tasks, and there are many key
David Moore (win10 list moderator)

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Hi, David,

Could you do a tutorial on the mail ap for us like you did for google
chrome? That would be great.


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When you are using the win10 mail app, your contacts are imported into
the people app. So, you need to use the people app for your contacts
and addresses, and the mail app to work with the messages. So, you
have the people app and the mail app working together and you should
have them both running at the same time. The Calendar app is very
closely related to the mail app as well. So really, to have it all,
you need the mail, people, and calendar apps running all at the same
time. This is how it differs to other clients. You need three apps
running to have the whole picture.

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Since David Moore has also posted elsewhere about this he is
using the new Win10 mail app that ships with every Win10 machine and
shows up on the start menu out of the box.

It's got little in common with earlier e-mail clients other
than the fact that it is used to read mail.

I'm still not able to get message text read using NVDA and the
Win10 mail app, but I'm presuming that this is operator error of some

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