Re: setting up the people app on windows 10


Well to be honest I agree, my view is that especially now that governments want backdoors for various things into your devices and digital accounts they can, but then security of all things are their issues and yeah they get hacked to.
Some of us may rebel but even I am going to have to bite the bullet one day, at least for the units I use and for the rest I am unsure, for my personal unit I may try to hack my way into something so that things work in a round about way.
But really who knows how long all the little patches will work just to make 10 as close to what I am using now.

On 10/05/2016 3:15 a.m., Brian Vogel wrote:
Mr. Gaff, most average people don't worry about this, period. The security in place in any commercial data center is far more robust than what's on your own local machine and hackers target those, too.

What is anyone going to do with your, or my, or anyone's contacts list that requires any real worry? If people want random e-mail addresses these are so readily available by so many means that worrying about their acquisition is a complete waste of time. You simply can't stop it.

The world has moved away from POP because IMAP and synchronization is incredibly important in today's mobile world. That trend isn't going to reverse.

Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.
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