NVDA from bed

John J. Boyer


because of problemds with my legs and feet (I'll be 82 in July.) I have to keep my fet elevated most of the time. I have
a hospital bed for that porpose. I'm loking for a small and light lapotop on which I could install NVDA and a ssh
program to access the Linux machines on my network. Which ssh program works best with NVDA? I am deaf-blind, so I will
be using a Focus 14 Braille display. I know
this works through USB. Can NVDA handle a bluetooth connection? The ssh program will be used to access my Linux
maschines. I will use the laptop for accessing my Twitter account with EasyChirp. It will be connected to my router
through wi-fi.

Thanks for any suggestions,

John J. Boyer
Email: john.boyer@...
website: http://www.abilitiessoft.org
Status: Company dissolved but website and email addresses live.
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Mission: developing assistive technology software and providing STEM services
that are available at no cost

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