What Level of Support Does NVDA Offer for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu?

Saaqib Mahmuud

Hello NVDA Group mates! How are you?

I am a visually impaired person from Pakistan, with an MPhil qualification in mathematics and working as a college-level math teacher.

My question is, what level of support does the NVDA screen reader provide with Urdu, Persian, and Arabic texts?

Is it NVDA reliable enough for reading the Quran character by character, word by word, sentence by sentence, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, and using SayAll, just as it is possible to read through materials in the English language?

Can one read through the poems and ghazals of such Urdu poets as Iqbal and Ghalib with the help of the NVDA?

What additional software is needed, if any, for best results?


Saaqib Mahmood,
Department of Mathematics,
Government Postgraduate College No. 1,
Abbottabad, PAKISTAN
Phone (for mobile & WhatsApp calls): +92-334-541-7958

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