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I'm not sure about the control of linux machines, but have you maybe considered a normal desktop with radio keyboard or even a wire linked one. I certainly do this in my bed. One could easily have it within reach of the bed to turn it on or off and also feed it through decent speakers and use it for audio as well. If its a quiet pc, which many now are, then its ideal and less prone to issues than laptops of any power. No problems keeping it cool either.
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because of problemds with my legs and feet (I'll be 82 in July.) I have to keep my fet elevated most of the time. I have
a hospital bed for that porpose. I'm loking for a small and light lapotop on which I could install NVDA and a ssh
program to access the Linux machines on my network. Which ssh program works best with NVDA? I am deaf-blind, so I will
be using a Focus 14 Braille display. I know
this works through USB. Can NVDA handle a bluetooth connection? The ssh program will be used to access my Linux
maschines. I will use the laptop for accessing my Twitter account with EasyChirp. It will be connected to my router
through wi-fi.

Thanks for any suggestions,

John J. Boyer
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