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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

thank u
is there another program which provides marking which is accessible with NVDA

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There is a plugin for NVDA but I don't use it and I don't know what features it has.  But you can make a note of where you stopped and use it to
When you want to stop, pause Winamp with c. 
Use control j to open the jump to time dialog.
You will be in a field showing the time where you have paused Winamp.

Don't move around in the field.
Just use control c to copy the ttime. 
Now, stop play and close Winamp. 
Open Winamp and paste the time into it.
Save it with whatever name you want.
When you want to resume playing, Open the file in Notepad.
Copy the time to the clipboard.
Now open the file you want to listen to in Winamp.  It's your choice whether to pause it now or leave it playing.
Open the time dialog with control j, the same command as before.
Paste the time in with control v and press enter.  You will now be at the time you left off.
This may sound a lot more cumbersome and time consuming than it is. 
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You can’t. that feature is part of the JAWS scripts for Winamp.


Lino Morales


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HI team

i am using winamp with NVDA

with jaws, when u are listening to an audio file, to mark the spot

press m and follow through

but with NVDA, this is not so

what do i do to get mark in winamp using NVDA




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