Re: Windows10 safe mode and NVDA.

Angela Delicata

My two cents on it: I was able to remove Avast with the use of nvda and Braille display... It requires pressing remove button, which I did  using display braille; I did it about four months ago, so I suppose it is still possible.

Avast clean is not accessible, I think.

Il 02/05/2018 15:04, Chantelle Buys ha scritto:
Hi there.

I used avastclear but, that program wants me to go into safe mode.

Here's my mail:

On 5/2/18, Holger Fiallo <> wrote:
Send me your email and I will send you a tool to remove it without having to

go to safe mode.

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Hi guys.

Is there a way to use NVDA or any other screen reader on windows10
safe mode? I have to get rid of avast to upgrade my windows10.



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