Re: Windows10 safe mode and NVDA.

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Did you get the program I sent you via dropbox?

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I'm going to use avastclear in safe mode again and ask my mom to lend
me her eyes.


On 5/2/18, Chantelle Buys <cbuys6@...> wrote:

Well, the program's gone but, only its core files are still on my pc
and that's why I need to use safe mode.


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Yes i was afraid that might happen. The best course is to go back to the

install of windows, then remove avast using avastclean and then reboot,

try the update again. If that does not work, then I'm out of ideas and it
may well be you will need to tell Microsoft about this problem.

I do notice that even when avast is completely removed, for example
says its still installed. There is no sign of it in the registry or any
folder or any dll, so where its hiding a signature is probably in the

partition on the drive, but its windows fault not to realise it is, in

a false entry and carry on.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows10 safe mode and NVDA.

Nope. it's not showing in add or remove programs or anywhere else. My
mom helped to uninstall it in safe mode however, windows says it's
still there.

On 5/2/18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
It should be in programs and features. If it isn't, you can still try
disabling protection and see what happens. To turn off protection, do
In the system tray, do a right click on the Avast icon.
Up or down arrow in the menu to the shields item.
Press enter.
You will be in a submenu with choices such as disable for ten minutes
others. I would use the disable forever selection.
Press enter on the selection you want.
A nonspeaking are you sure message comes up. Press the space bar and
shields will be off. You can confirm this by llooking at the Avast

the system tray. It will tell you that your system is unsecured.

You can turn on shields again by pressing enter on the enable shields
in the shields submenu. It may say disabled but it doesn't matter. It
isn't disabled and pressing enter on it enables the shields again.

no are you sure dialog so all you have to do is press enter.
Checking the system tray Avast icon again will say you're system is
if enabling occurred.

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From: Chantelle Buys
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2018 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows10 safe mode and NVDA.

Well, uninstalling doesn't show up in add and remove programs when I
enter on uninstall. Windows10upgrade however won't skip past the avast
program either. Task manager can't stop the program either.


On 5/2/18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Did you try removing it in programs and features? It's been a long
since I've done that but I believe that at some point, a nonspeaking
sure dialog comes up and you can just press the space bar when that
Or, do you have to remove it at all? You may just be able to turn
protection when you upgrade. I can tell you how to do that if you
know how. I'm skeptical that removal is necessary.

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From: Chantelle Buys
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Subject: [nvda] Windows10 safe mode and NVDA.

Hi guys.

Is there a way to use NVDA or any other screen reader on windows10
safe mode? I have to get rid of avast to upgrade my windows10.



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