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ok cool

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Bookmarks have nothing to do with the time a file starts.  Bookmarks, as with bookmarks in a browser, are intended to play what has been bookmarked as though you manually opened the file.  It plays from the beginning.  Time markers in JAWS are what you need to use.
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i totally agree
but it seems to be a jaws script feature with winamp
in the file menu, there is a book mark option, when i choose to add a book
mark to a file, it is showing up on the menue
but, when i go to play it, it is not playing from the paused point, it is
playing from the beginning

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> I'm not aware of this feature, if its a winamp feature, then the
> screenreader should not matter.
> Brian
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> HI team
> i am using winamp with NVDA
> with jaws, when u are listening to an audio file, to mark the spot
> press m and follow through
> but with NVDA, this is not so
> what do i do to get mark in winamp using NVDA
> thanks

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