Re: problem with coping nvda settings to the system

brian <sackriderbrian45@...>

If there is a uac window opend I don't know it and my uac is off. I guess that nvda does not read background windows.

Brian Sackrider.

On 5/2/2018 6:12 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:
Are you shure there is not a UAC window open and awaiting alt+y to allow the update? I get a situation when updating NVDA where the update progress bar is merrily beeping away, getting nowhere, when a UAC window is open in the background. As soon as I respond to the UAC window, the installation proceeds normally.


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Right now I am using windows defender as my antivirus and I only
have the windows 10 app esentials add on no other add ons. I have not
had this problem until I posted my message to the list.

Brian Sackrider

On 4/30/2018 2:49 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
If you have a lot of settings you are normally waned that doing this
could pose a security risk, then you ok it and it takes quite a time
if there are add ons sometimes.
Of course if and only if, you have an anti virus with paranoia, you
can find it blocked.

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Subject: [nvda] problem with coping nvda settings to the system

After a redue of my windows I noticed a new problem when I went to my
general settings in my preferences and I tried to copy the settings
it just kept saying please wait. There was no way to allow it. is
because my report dinamic content changes was off? It's the setting
that says use nvda on the log on screen requires administrater
button. When I pressed enter on it and then alt y thats when I got
please wait.

Brian Sackrider

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