Re: New windows update failed please help

Stephen Costigan

Hi Caleb,


You may be able to do a recovery from start up. What make is your Laptop and was Win 10 installed on it when you purchased it?





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You shouldn't have done that.

I had a friend do this.

Basically, you will have to reformat, either use your recovery
partition, or get rid of windows completely clear the drive.

Then you will have to rebuy windows, office and everything else, and
delete and recreate your ms account else it won't work.

On 5/3/2018 6:10 PM, Caleb Neyenhuis wrote:
> Hi all
> I tryed to update latest windows update
> I thought it was talking to long so i force shutdown my computer which stuffed it up with drivers not working
> Any way i can fix it with out losing my apps i have installed and files as well
> Thanks

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