Re: Windows 10: where do I find updates?

Angela Delicata

I tried this method, but it did not seem to work well... So, I decided to ask and the suggested procedure of using windows key+ i and going to updates,   worked good.

Thanks anyway for the reply, maybe it was not me being able to make it work using search in the start menu.

Il 03/05/2018 18:01, Gene ha scritto:
I don't have Windows 10 but I would think another way would be to use the start menu search to search for Windows updates and, if that doesn't work, something broader like updates.

One of the valuable things about the Windows 7 start menu search and I would think in Windows 10 as well, is that you can search for something such as uninstall programs and find the uninstall option in the results. So you don't have to know the specific name of what you are looking for, Programs and Features. The search is designed so that if you search for what you want to do, names are available to the search that show the options such as uninstall a program.

This should, if Windows 10 is organized in the same way, make it much easier to find things without formally knowing the specific Windows name to search for.

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Window key i. Tab to security and updates, enter and tab to update.

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Subject: [nvda] Windows 10: where do I find updates?


The question is all in the subject line: i don't seem to be able to find
them because the location seems to be different from Win 7.

In other words: where are updates located? Where do I have to go in
order to install them? And is there a way to check for updates
automatically and have a notification when they are ready?

Thank you so much.

Angela from Italy

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