NVDa Very Slow With The Internet

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
I sent this mail some minutes ago, but I don't know what went wrong, I
was till typing when it accidentally got sent, even without activating
the send button.
I am still having problems with NVDA still responding too
slowly when I am accessing the internet.
I thought it was a problem with the synthesizer, but I have changed
the synthesizer, but the problem has continued. Although other
probems with the old synthesizer have now been taken care of by the
new one. But this problem of slow internet access is still a problem.
I have the demo copy of JAWS installed on my computer, and it works
accurately on all browsers. But NVDA does not.
I have the latest update of the windows operating system,
I use Windows 7-32Bit.
Does anyone understand what the problem might be?
Hope to read a response.
From Ibrahim.

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