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That part is fine, its when you want a new blank file thatthings seem to go wrong. I've not turned of the quick start icon in the tray, and am opening it with a direct link, not perfect but betterwhich leads me to believe its a time related issue, ie nvda either misses something or looks too early before writer has sorted itself out.

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do you mean libreoffice?
if so, i use my desire program and open my documents with it.
for example: i press enter in all my word and rtf documents and
libreoffice writer opens it properly.
or i can use libreoffice writer, press control+o to activate open menu
and brows for my file and open it with libreoffice writer.
or i can press application key and select open with.
between different programs select libreoffice writer to open my document.
but only i have libreoffice in my system and it recognizes the type of
my documents and in most cases, when i press enter in my documents
libreoffice opens them without any issue.
which version of libreoffice do you use?
hope that my suggestions help you.
thanks for asking and god bless you.

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I was trying this out just now as somebody has kindly put it on the windows

10 machine. However when you ask it to start a new text session from the
tray icon, you seem to lose focus somehow, and the letters you type do not
appear and the cursors do not work either. The only option seems to be to go

to the desktop and back again then it will accept input and act as it
should. Has anyone else found his issue? Should I perhaps be opening it
directly from its executable or maybe its an older version or needs some
configuring. This is what can occur when a machine has belonged to a sighted

person of course.

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