Re: Windows 10: where do I find updates?

Angela Delicata

Good, so I  had a look in settings and saw the options you described which are very useful. I did not even know about them.

I know very little on Win 10 as I am using it since six month, exactly when I started using nvda smile; it goes without saying my knowledge on pcs in general is  poor... So, I get lost from time to time.

Thank you again for the useful tips.
Angela from Italy

Il 04/05/2018 13:08, Chris Mullins ha scritto:
Hi Angela
You have already been into the Security and Updates section of the Settings
dialog, so if you go back there, and tab down to an item entitled 'Change
active hours' and press enter. You can now set start/end times when you
will be using the computer, during which Windows will not receive updates.
If you use these times Judiciously, you can set things up so that the
computer is switched on at times outside your start/end times so that
updates will be applied. Note that when you have just opened the Security
and updates dialog, the first item you tab to is a list control. This list
box determines which items of information you view when you subsequently
tab into the main body of the dialog. It defaults to the top item which is
'Windows updates' but if you want to view anything else, use the arrow keys
to navigate the list, spacebar to select a topic, then tab into the related
controls. When finished, find and activate the 'Home' button to return to
the main Settings window.

Another updates related feature is in the Accounts section of the Settings
window. Activate this, then select 'Sign-in options' from the list box
control on this page. Tab down to 'Use my sign-in info to automatically
finish setting up my device after an update or restart.' And check it. Now
tab to the home button to exit. This feature will allow your computer to
apply updates which require a re-boot to finish installing should your
machine be un-attended.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows 10: where do I find updates?

I did not seem to receive updates automatically, but maybe I did and had
not realized it... One thing is when I when to settings and updates,
like some  one here suggested, I found few  updates still pending.

Anyway, thank you to all who repied: it is amazing how responsive and
helpful this list is.

Angela from Italy

Il 03/05/2018 23:46, Chris Mullins ha scritto:
Hi Angela
Windows updates are applied automatically if you're on a Home version of
Windows 10. I think the Pro editions have some limited control but I
know to what level this is. Essentially I just leave it to sort itself

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows 10: where do I find updates?

Window key i. Tab to security and updates, enter and tab to update.

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From: Angela Delicata
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Subject: [nvda] Windows 10: where do I find updates?


The question is all in the subject line: i don't seem to be able to find
them because the location seems to be different from Win 7.

In other words: where are updates located? Where do I have to go in
order to install them? And is there a way to check for updates
automatically and have a notification when they are ready?

Thank you so much.

Angela from Italy

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