Re: Reading more lines in the windows console output (command prompt)?

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Here's a rather round about way of reading the command prompt.

1. Open a command prompt and do what ever function you wish.

2.  Press alt + space bar for the context menu.

3.  Press E for edit menu.

4.  choose select all.

5.  Press alt + space bar again.

6.  Choose edit again.

7.  Choose copy.

8.  Open a text editor and press control + V to paste the contents into that editor.

For some reason in the command prompt itself, control + A followed by Control + C will not work.  Using the above described method does.

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Can you use piping to send the screen output to a file?

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I'm programming in NodeJS and the error messages I'm getting are very long.
One trace is so long I can't see the top in my console window. I increased
the buffer size, but it didn't help. I have Virtual Review, but it also
stops at a point. Does anyone know how to review these past messages or
scroll the windows console?
Thank you,

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