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If you are going to use this method, don't save the document when exiting or you will save unintended tabs in the document. 
It may well be that the best thing to do is to make the word blank not be spoken by using the speech dictionary for that purpose.  But don't forget that if you do, the word won't ever be spoken so if you are reading a sentence such as, "His mind went blank." you won't hear the word blank. 

----- Original Message -----You have placed a tab in the line or you may have changed the margin by placing a character in the text that changes it. 

Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2018 10:12 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Blank lines

Because I use NVDA in writing groups where I sometimes want to go line by line rather than say all, I use a work around. If you press tab at the start of that blank line than NVDA doesn't say anything when you tab from one line of text, past the blank line, and then it reads the next line of text as normal.

Ifg you arrow up back onto the blank line and press right arrow then you'll hear “carriage return” and if you press the left arrow on it you'll hear “Tab” but to all intents and purposes you have a blank line which NVDA does not say anything for.

Hope that might help you a little :)


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