Re: Patreon accessibility legal action.

Sarah k Alawami

Done! And linked to some evidence of my own. For now though I've switched to pod pledge, a more accessible alternative.

Link  is in my sig

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On May 5, 2018, at 11:24 AM, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:

Before I begin, I provide a link to what Patreon is below.

Hi all. This is where you all come in! and, yes, share her email far and wide with other Patreon users and creators who want to help build a case.

The phone call with Lainy went well. The hardest part was trying to explain to her what Patreon is and what it does, but I think she gets it now.

In short, we need to build a stronger case. We have a case, but we need a stronger one. Share this name and email widely. If creators would like to try patreon but can't because it is inaccessible with a screen reader, they hear, tell her that too. If you use it just as a user and not a creator making money, let her know too. If you are a creator, write to the below with any accessibility issues. Obviously, detail what screen reader you are using. Her email is below.

First, this link explains what Patreon is, for both creators and users.


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