Re: Edit Combo Boxes

John Isige

The trick that seems to work for me, which somebody told me about on here, is to hit NVDA-space on the combo box, then possibly alt-down arrow if you need it to open to up. That let's you arrow through the choices. If you just hit enter on it and arrow, some sites like to change things right away, and NVDA will pop out of focus mode and into browse mode because the site's changed. If you hit NVDA-space to go into focus mode manually though, it will stay in focus mode until you hit NVDA-space again to toggle it off.

On 5/7/2018 14:22, Andy wrote:
i am noticing an issue with edit boxes on some sites that offer you choices as you type. This is common on airline sites. With JAWS you can arrow down and find your choice, but this doesn't seem to happen with NVDA. Is there an NVDA exclusive keystroke that you need in order to make this happen?


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