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Are you using any add ons?  As far as I know, doing a factory reset won't help, because again, as far as I know, doing one makes all your settings what they were when you first installed NVDA.  There are no settings in NVDA that would cause this behavior.  If you are running any add ons, you can try running NVDA with no add ons.  I'll let others explain how this is done.  I could look it up but I don't use a version that is new enough to have the feature so I can't check conveniently in the program itself.
If running the program with no add ons doesn't improve anything, you can create and try a portable version to see if that improves anything.
If you don't know how, people will tell you.

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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2018 7:49 PM
Subject: [nvda] Doing a factory reset of NVDA

I recently posted on this group talking about my problem with the
internet being too slow using NVDA.  It is a problem I have on the
major  browsers I use, including firefox Mozilla and chrome.  But I
don't have the same slow problem when I use JAWS.
Someone suggested that I do a factory reset of the NVDA screen reader.
So, please how do I do this.  Again, will I lose all my present
configuration settings? If so, how can I do a backup to prevent losing
all my current settings.
Hope to read a response.
I am Ibrahim.

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