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Well to be honest I've never had an issue with it. I tend to use it more on older machines with normal hard drives and you can then use erunt and make the registry cleaner and faster and smaller by almost 4 percent.
Another registry cleaner I mostly trust is E-using free registry cleaner.
it too warns you of every entry it has found. Of course if you do not know what you are doing then be careful, but it is amazing what cludged crap gets taken out by these very simple tools and how much the machine has less of the no program is set up to open this or there are two programs to open this or just file not founds that are gone after a registry clean up. Witness the facts. I have never ever had to reinstall windows due to problems not resolvable with tools. Of course if a hard drive dies, then you have a problem but keeping discs tidy and doing disc checks as well as the various cleaners seems to fix many things.
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The general consensus is in the IT community is that registry cleaners should never be used, and I follow that consensus. That is the one CCleaner function I never, ever use.


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