Re: NVDA and CCleaner (free, anyway)

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Still doesn’t do what CCleaner does, that is clean the registry.


Not that I advocate cleaning the registry with tools, they tend to screw something up.


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Even simpler.
Go to explorer, hit alt enter on the hard drive you want cleaned, tab to disk cleanup. When it comes up with the list of things to be cleaned, tab once more until you hear clean system files and hit that.
Now set your options and watch the magic happen.
It doesn't clean quite as much as c cleaner but better than nothing.

On 07-May-2018 11:29 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Use the option built into windows, at least for now.


From the run dialogue type


cleanmgr /sageset:1

and set yoru options

then from the run dialogue after hitting ok on that sage run dialogue type

cleanmgr /sagerun:1


and watch hopefully gigs of space be freed.

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is there a good alternative to c cleaner that is blind friendly?


On 5/7/2018 9:11 AM, Gene wrote:

The new version of CCleaner has been discussed on one or two lists I'm on and it has the check box problem you are describing.  I believe it is now considered inaccessible because of that problem.  One more program that is no longer accessible in a long and growing list.  I haven't seen the other problem you discussed but I'm very doubtful user error is involved.  It's probably just another aqccessibility problem or a related one.  I don't use the program and I don't know enough about it to say which.  Whatever the case, it appears that an older version needs to be used.



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Hello All,

I was just trying out NVDA with the latest version of CCleaner free and seem to have encountered an accessibility issue that may be the result of operator error.

The "large buttons" that control which major function you're under can be reached by tabbing or up/down arrowing, and if you hit spacebar on any one of them its control buttons come up.  What is odd is that you still end up either tabbing or arrowing past the other major control buttons before you hit the "function control buttons" for the major function you've activated.

I do have problems reaching the individual checkboxes under the Options (major), Monitoring (minor) function.  It's odd because when I activate the Monitoring button, and if I have the NVDA Focus Highlight add-on running, there is clearly a quick scan down the list of controls, which are mostly checkboxes, but you cannot seem to come to rest on any of them to access them.

Is there a way to get oneself over into the "checkbox area" (for lack of a better term) of this function in order to be able to deal with the checkboxes.  Since mouse tracking is on by default I know that these exist as far as NVDA is concerned as when I hover over them I get appropriate feedback, I just can't seem to reach them via the keyboard, which would be essential.


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