Re: NVDA and latest CCleaner with windows 10.


Yeah on win10 units nothing is spoken at all on 7 the boxes are not either but if you uncheck or check them you can read them fine.

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Well, I'm flummoxed.
On My Windows 7 machine I can set all the checkboxes and radio buttons and change the state of browser add ons and all the other stuff in there.are we sure this is not some aberration on Windows 10?
I've just been through and togged the settings for the registry cleaner and also told it not to  leave the last 24 hours in the recycle bin as default but delete it all, I've turned of stuff in firefox add ons using the context menu and deleted restore points and accessed the start up items and toggled them etc etc, with no access issues than the odd  refresh here and there to get the new setting.
I think I need a lie down.

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Hello all.
using ccleaner, win 10 springs creater, and latest NVDA, none of the items are saying checked or unchecked.
how do i fix this?

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