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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Anthony,


Hit NVDA key and Q as if you were going to quit NVDA. Then arrow down to "disable add-ons". If you want to bring them back again, repeat the above steps.


Hope this helps.






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Hi quentin

What is the hot key to disable or enable add-ons please?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Ibrahim,


A couple of things you can try:

- Restart NVDA with add-ons disabled: Press NVDA+q, then down arrow to "Restart with add-ons disabled" and press ENTER.

- Try various web pages.  For instance, does the issue happen with the site?

- Replicate the issue and send us a copy of your log.  See for information



Finally, if you do want to reset to factory defaults, note that it will overwrite all your settings, so be aware of that.  You can create a portable copy first to back up your settings:

1. Press NVDA+N to open the NVDA menu.

2. Press T for the Tools menu.

3. Press C to create a portable copy.

4. Either type a directory, or TAB to the "Browse" button and select one.

5. Be sure to tab to the "Copy current user configuration" button and make sure that is checked with the spacebar.

6. Press the continue button.


To do a factory reset itself, press NVDA+control+r three times quickly.


If the factory reset does fix the issues, try manually changing your settings back to how you prefer them one by one and see if any changes you make bring back the slowness.


If resetting doesn't help, you can revert your changed settings by running the portable copy of NVDA you created from the directory you setup.  Note that launching a copy of NVDA automatically closes any running copy, you can run your regular copy in order to find the portable copy.  While running the portable copy, press NVDA+n, then T, then press I to install NVDA.  Be sure to select the option to copy the current configuration to the installed copy.


Kind regards




On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:

I recently posted on this group talking about my problem with the
internet being too slow using NVDA.  It is a problem I have on the
major  browsers I use, including firefox Mozilla and chrome.  But I
don't have the same slow problem when I use JAWS.
Someone suggested that I do a factory reset of the NVDA screen reader.
So, please how do I do this.  Again, will I lose all my present
configuration settings? If so, how can I do a backup to prevent losing
all my current settings.
Hope to read a response.
I am Ibrahim.



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