Windows 10 spring creators file explorer extremely unresponsive, or not providing timely feedback?

Jacob Kruger

Firstly, I have two separate machines, both running 64 bit versions of latest windows 10 spring creators update, and, while my primary work machine is a lenovo w52 laptop, with 8Gb of RAM, and a standard 500Gb hard disk drive, my other, secondary machine is a desktop PC, also with 8Gb of RAM, but, it has a 275Gb solid state drive as it's operating system drive.

The reason I am posting this here is that while the desktop Pc seems to work pretty responsively with NVDA 2018.1.1, and latest windows 10 app essentials add-on installed, the lenovo laptop is extremely sluggish at times when it comes to just trying to browse files using windows own file explorer, in terms of reading out file names to me as I arrow around, even allowing me to request read current line output - just says nothing a lot of the time, etc., etc., and I have tried both the NVDA next snapshots, and the NVDA master snapshot - that's what am currently running, but, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

This machine seems to work pretty well in all other environments, and, if I fire up something like an alternative file browser, like free commander XE, then it responds just like it used to, but, I would prefer to stick to standard file explorer if possible.

Anyway, in terms of these two machines, the other primary difference is that, while the lenovo laptop should have higher/better performance in terms of hardware, besides the solid state drive, since it's my primary work machine, which I use for forms of web application/software development, it means it's also a bit more cluttered at the moment in terms of additional software packages installed, has been running on the current installation of windows, which was then upgraded to spring creators recently, a lot longer than the desktop, which I did a clean installation of windows 1704 on a couple of months ago, etc., etc.

In any case, does anyone have any suggestions about what I could, or should try out to get the laptop to start responding to file browsing like it did before the spring creators update, or do I most likely just need to in fact do a clean install of a new copy of windows 10 spring creators update on it's own?

And, yes, for example, in file explorer settings, I turned off things like the preview pane, have switched it over to list view only, etc., etc., but anyway.


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