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Well, I have problems with 59, so I'm back on 52, quite why some of us hate it but everyone else is happy obviously needs to be investigated. Could be almost anything video drivers, speed of processor goodness knows what else, but in Windows 7, I absolutely hated it. it would hang and mess about glitching the sound and all sorts in windows 7.
I think the answer might be to migrate to Chrome or Waterfox at least for now from what I've read on this nvda list.
Obviously something is playing up, but its a pig to find what it might be I suspect.
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HI, everyone. I apologize in advance if this gets cross-posted to a bunch of lists. I know some people don't like that since it can make it harder to reply if you're not on all of the lists. I'm trying out the mailing lists feature in Mozilla Thunderbird for the first time. I'm just curious if anyone else has problems with Mozilla Firefox. I'm not talking about the extended support release that some people use. This is about newer releases and pre-release builds. I'm using Firefox on Windows 10 with NVDA, and for some reason, it seems to be very slow and hangs or freezes all the time. I've experienced this with the stable, beta, and nightly versions. All of them seem to be slow. I haven't found one that's better than others, and it doesn't matter whether I'm using add-ons or not. It's the same even if I disable all add-ons temporarily. Does anyone else have problems with Firefox being slow? Do you have any suggestions on how I could speed it up? Thanks.

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