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I'm glad that this is all it is then. Luckily the only 10 machine I get access to is not in the insider program. grin.


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Hi everyone,

As noted in at least one thread, NVDA snapshot builds won't update
currently if you are running Windows 10 insider build 17666. This is not
actually an issue with NVDA, but rather with how this build of Windows
handles administrative access (which is needed during the update process).
This issue affects installing or updating any program, as well as running a
program as administrator.

For those Windows insiders running an installed Next or Master build of
NVDA and wanting to update it (or install anything else or run any program
as administrator), you might consider downgrading to the previous insider
build until a new Insider build comes out.

If you have NVDA 2018.1.1 installed and run temporary copies of snapshot
builds, you should be ok. We trust that Microsoft will bring out new
Insider builds before NVDA 2018.2 is due out (and yes, it coming around to
that time. Expect to see a release candidate in just a few weeks time).

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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