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I probably should not have listened to this, but I did. it was an explanation of the new sets feature of windows 10 in the next update.
They are talking about having program sets, that open in tabs on a single window. IE programs opening inside the same window hence the name set, you switch between sets with alt tab, but between applications in a set with shift tab, which could pose some issues for things already using these keys I'd say. In other words its a bit like browsers do with tabs.
Now when I first came to Windows in 3.1, it had program groups withed many programs inside one icon named a group. Obviously in those days the power to have so much going on at the same time was just not there, but this does seem to be going back to those days in a way.
So instead of just shortcuts in the groups, you keep the running session of that software, almost like windows within windows.
Back in the old days, a program called Desqview tried to do this in Dos, but once again the power was not there to really achieve this.
I'm not sure how all this will impact the key presses we are all now used to like alt tab, and I guess if we do not want to make up sets, then there will be no differences. However they have already started multiple virtual desktops and this seems to be on top of this. One might get very confused unless the non power user or learner can revert things to default while one tries to get used to things.

On top of that a lot of the functions seems to be going toward doing most things in Edge, and using bing as the only search system in programs like Notepad which is also being updated they say to make it more Linux like, something I'm not familiar with.
Just listening gave me a headache!

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