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No I don't like the spongy response of Firefox now its been 'improved worse' by using the quantum engine. That is why I'm auditioning Waterfox and later Chrome.
As I said in my post, I am trying to find an add on that allows uncluttered reading like f9 does in the new firefox, but its not so much of a big deal to carry on dealing with a browser which seems to be still half baked.
Better than it was of course in 57 of course, but not very forgiving and keypresses take time rather than the instant of 52, which is now no longer being maintained after this month.
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Not so far. I've gotten used to life without it. If it comes back, fine. If
not, I'll survive.
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Is there a addon for fire fox 60 that will do what navigational sounds does?

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Hi just installed this. It looks reasonable so far, though it did very
quickly flash up something about restricted accessibility but it vanished
before I could respond The ad blocker it imported did not block ads,
eventually ublock origin was tested and its better.
Now it keeps on presenting a button to check if updates are there for add
ons in the add on manager, but it seems not to do anything. If I search I
find its all the time trying to get me to download firefox instead.
So navigational sounds work, downloads work and setting new search
providers works.
I think most of it seems like the old Firefox, though some pages seem to
take a little longer to load, such as filehippo

Also no read article mode as even the 52 version of Firefox has is not
there, maybe there is an add on for this?

Obviously I have not made it the default browser as yet, but it does seem a
lot simpler to set up though it shares the add on manager sulk mode of
Firefox, where you need to close it and open it again to make it work.
So anyone using it got any tips for it. I have not tried chrome as yet. I do
not really want to fill up my drive with browsers just yet.
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