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Best advice Joseph. It is far too easy to change settings unintentionally that can make using NVDA feel more difficult than is the case.

Surprised that Joseph did not suggest his own series of tutorials. He recorded these and it is wonderful to listen on a device like a phone or tablet while trying out steps on your computer. I can’t imagine the amount of time he put into developing and then updating these. He makes them free to download.


Have fun, and as a teacher told me about editing, when you lose the Zen with whatever, get up and walk away for a time. This is a concept to live by. I only wish I could internalize it.



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Hi Bonnie and others,

First, welcome to the world of NVDA.

Okay, let’s slow down a lot:

  • Based on what you’re telling us, am I correct in thinking that you are coming from a different screen reader?
  • What settings are you interested in changing?
  • Have you gone over NVDA’s user guide (online) and various tutorials to become familiar with NVDA in general?


To others: I think it is vital that we get to know the user first before suggesting all sorts of settings and intermediate concepts. Without knowing what the user wants (such as exact settings he or she wishes to change) and level of familiarity with NVDA, we won’t be able to guide the user to places where he or she can change appropriate settings. This is the reason why I said above that we need to slow down a lot before continuing.

P.S. For those coming to NVDACon this year, I’ll touch up on human factors in my session on providing technical support.





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I find no place to create profiles. And when I click to nvda icon to check for option, etc, speech says it is opening but nothing comes up on screen.



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NVDA does have settings for adjusting the speed, voice, etc. if you wanted to create a speech rate when your reading from top to bottom, you need to do this using the profiles option in NVDA..


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I recently downloaded NVDA. I'm wondering if there are any settings or options for the program. Like, can the speed of the reading (speech) be adjusted.    


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