NVDA master snapshot and vs2017 don't work well at this stage.

Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...>

Hi.  I am bringing this up so that when NVDA 18.2 comes out, the visual studio's 2017 accessibility with NVDA will still be maintained.  One bug that I have noticed is that when I try to include or libraries that I need for my project from other frameworks or development tools through the property manager for C or C++ development, NVDA won't allow you to type in the edit box that matters.  Pressing the keys will just produce a beep sound, just as in Read Only edit boxes.  I have the visual studio addon installed and I don't know if it is messing up with NVDA's ability to access visual studio on it's own.  Clarification is needed here.  Also, NVDA tends to say previous items on a list or combo box before you land on the next one.  For example,  if the first item is "Help" and the second item is "Go",the arrow down key is pressed to go to the next item, NVDA will repeat the first item on the list, then say the second item, as in "Help", "Go", this is especially true for Intellisense which has numerous possibilities, which cuts down on productivity.  I hope I am making myself clear here.  Cheers!

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