Re: DictationBridge demo up

Pranav Lal

Hi Brian,

DictationBridge is a project that makes it easier for people using screen
readers to work with speech-recognition programs namely Dragon from Nuance and
Microsoft Windows speech-recognition. Its primary function is to echo back text
as you dictate. If you use speech-recognition software without bridging
technology, you will not know if your text is being recognized accurately.
DictationBridge will echo back the recognized text so that you can know in real
time if there are any errors in what has been recognized by WSR or Dragon. It
will also make it easier to use elements of the user interfaces of Dragon and
WSR easier to use with a screen reader. The focus is on NVDA but the idea is to
extend the program such that any Windows screen reader can take advantage of
DictationBridge. You can read more about the program at its website.


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What is this for exactly?

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thanks for this will test.

On 09/05/2016 17:58, Pranav Lal wrote:
Dear all,

A demonstration version of DictationBridge in the form of a NVDA add-on
is up at


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