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Hello, Christopher. The command you're looking for is NVDA + control +
f. When I say "NVDA", I mean the modifier key you've chosen as your
NVDA key, ie, caps lock, numpad insert, etc. HTH.

On 5/15/18, Christopher Gray <chris@...> wrote:

Please forgive a somewhat open-ended question. I come to NVDA with just
over a
week of experience, and things have gone pretty well. Before now, I have
been a
Cobra users for many years, back to about 1994, and when necessary a
user. Those are my points of reference. I have reveiwed and then read the
User manual on the online Help system and found it pretty useful.

The area where I'm having some trouble is in web browsing, mostly on
thus far. I am used to having a command in Cobra, ctrl+f, which was an
Find command, not an Internet Explorer command. Is there an equivalent in
or some alternative technique available to find things on a screen without
disturbing the screen itself or opening some sort of mode in the software
program itself?? Also, after I choose an item to examine or purchase on
that part of the screen seems to go blank. I don't know how to get things
reset. Any NVDA advice on this would be most welcome.

I've seen some conversation here about Chrome and if my best solution is to

start using Chrome, I could do that. Is there NVDA/Chrome-based information
help me get started?

Any pointers to commands or an overall approach will be very much

Thank you.


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