Re: New to NVDS?

Cearbhall O'Meadhra



Welcome to the NVDA community! You had me mystified for a while!


Do you need any help with it all?



All the best,




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Yes, it was a typo. If I'd had NVDA talking to me when I typed it, I would have probably gotten it right. My apologies..


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What is NVDS? Is this just a misprint?

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Several tutorials come to my mind:
* Basic Training Module from NV Access
* Various videos from American Foundation for the Blind and other
* My own tutorial set (Welcome to NVDA 2018)
* For Windows 10 users, there is a textbook by CathyAnne Murtha that goes
over how to use Windows 10 with NVDA.

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Hi Joseph and All:

I am also new to NVDA, just loaded it up about a week ago and have been
experimenting with it.  I come to NVDA as a longtime Cobra user, and a
parttime WindowEyes user.  I feel strongly that I need a screenreader that
is currently under development and reacting to Windows and windows-based
software as things change over time.

Joseph, I saw your note about tutorials and wonder if you might suggest
current ones?

Thank you.


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